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I have a doctoral degree in Final Fantasy
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You write long, annotated, academic-quality papers detailing your favorite theories about the Final Fantasy series. You know you do, stop denying it. Welcome to a forum where you can share your tl;dr, whether it be a serious commentary on the primary role of women as white mages or a tongue-in-cheek diatribe about the the inanity of protective gear coming in a thong option. Whimsical or not, your thoughts are welcome here in our seminar.

Membership is open, but posts are moderated to corral potential dramallamas before they get loose in the garden.

Your posts are expected to be properly punctuated and reasonably coherent. LJ and its various clients have spellcheck options - you want to use them.

Content is unrestricted, but if you want to post about how Cloti pwns Cloris, be prepared for an argument from someone. And while the silly is as welcome as the serious, a one-liner about how Vaan is like such a baby OMG and Sephi is ur huzb on teh astral plane nd evry1 else needz to LEAV HIM ALON!!111! will never see the light of day. Well, I might share it among my friends so we can laugh, but it won't get posted here.

The Professor will try to occasionally post a discussion topic, but feel free to submit whatever's floating around in your head.

>> Post SPOILER warnings wherever necessary. If you're unsure, post a warning anyway. Anything from the Dirge of Cerberus release and later is currently considered spoilery.
>> Put an LJ-cut after the first paragraph, please. No exceptions.
>> Don't flame posts. Seriously. Disagree all you want, but remain civil. I'll freeze comments as necessary.
>> Stay on topic. This isn't a rant, icon, or request community.
>> Feel free to edit your posts for typos at any time. Clarity edits should be added at the bottom of the post (for example - "EDIT: I meant to say that it's structurally impossible for a moogle to fly on vestigal wings, not that moogles fly out of my butt on Wednesdays.") If you're feeling dogpiled upon, contact the Professor by email. DO NOT DELETE YOUR POST.

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gunshou is a high-school English teacher in real life, and her students are alternately thrilled and appalled at her level of geekishness. iconage is her icon journal, and blownuts is her fiction journal. Both are respositories of primarily Final Fantasy-related stuff. Her favorite Final Fantasy game at this moment is FFXII, with FFVII an extremely close second. She wants to take Basch home to do all sorts of things to him, some of which involve chocolate sauce. That crying you hear is her long-time love Vincent Valentine, emoing in a corner at being thrown over for this new scruffy blond guy.

If for any reason you need to contact the mod, please do so at gunshou @ livejournal . com (remove the spaces).

This comm was suggested (facetiously) by rusalkatrix, as most of my crazy ideas are.

gunshou: I really do have to write up the midterm exam. I have no idea what I'm going to put on it. I should be like, "Ok, 30 points: a logical, grammatically correct essay describing the relative coolness of Basch versus Auron. Use specific examples, including but not limited to facial scars and scruff. 30 points: In a complete essay, explain fully why SquareEnix insists on creating female characters that make me ashamed to own a vagina. 10 points: come up with as many adjectives as possible for the grossness of Vaan's abdominal region. 30 points: write an eloquent, well-reasoned essay debating the issue of whether Vincent or Sephiroth is more likely to father my children. Full credit goes to suggestions for three-ways, or inclusion of Basch and/or Balthier in the mix."

rusalkatrix: You know, if you need another lj comm, you could start an FF Test comm & make people write essays. ^.~

Don't tempt me when I'm short on sleep.